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Give it a whirl! But it takes two to tango.

If you are looking for reliable suppliers to work with;

If you respect Russian manufacturers;

If you have experience in wholesales of textile products for bedrooms or down jackets, but would like to expand the range of products, making it relevant all year round, you can be sure that we can become good partners and work together supporting each other and supplying people with excellent products!

Choosing “Istok-Siberian down products” as a partner, the wholesaler gets the following advantages:

  • Competitive prices;
  • Wide range of production - from home collections (for example we have over 10 types of comforters) to outerwear for the whole family;
  • New collections every season according to the latest worldwide trends;
  • Reliable partner with excellent reputation and almost 30 years of experience on the market;
  • High quality of all products is guaranteed, because we strictly control each stage of production process, which is confirmed by all the necessary documents;
  • Flexible system of wholesale prices depending on volume;
  • Individual scheme to each customer, including the production of non-standard sizes and STM orders;
  • Free of charge delivery to Novosibirsk’s warehouses and transport companies to be delivered to other cities;
  • Strick schedule of production and following all the conditions and agreements, which are controlled by a personal experienced sales manager during all the process of the deal.

Terms and conditions of cooperation:

  • The wholesale price list is available only for companies and individual entrepreneurs dealing with down and feather market;
  • MMQ depends on your own needs, but the recommended amount of trial shipment is 30 000 rubles to get acquainted with the most popular range of production especially considering logistics costs.

We have more than 1500 partners on the inner market of Russia. Among them such giant corporations as:

  • Ascona;
  • Bosco sport;
  • RZD (Russian Rail Ways);
  • MIA (The Ministry of internal affairs).

We have been working with all main sport teams of Russia, producing them individual down jackets for winter seasons and light down jackets for spring and fall.

We appreciate the trust of our partners and proud to produce comfort products for our customers on B2B market.

Conquer the hearts of customers with the help of our down products!

Web sites for the B2B partners:

STM: http://istokstm.ru/

B2B: http://подушкиопт.рф/

Please feel free to contact our sales manager in any comfortable for you way to discuss individual terms and conditions:

Office: +7 (383) 383-05-11;

Email: istokopt@list.ru;

Skype: istok-spt