IST′OK – is the manufacturer of products from natural Siberian down.
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IST′OK – is the manufacturer of products from natural Siberian down.

We are located in Novosibirsk and truely know everything about cold winters. Wherever you live we can turn severe winter into a beautiful white fairy tale, so that you can feel warm and comfortable and be yourself every day. 

It is important for us that you were surrounded at home by comfort and warmth, love and cosiness in every touch. Therefore, we create bedding for the bedroom, putting a piece of the soul. Our pillows are designed for you to sleep all night with a strong, calm sleep. And blankets are as real air cloud that will wrap you with tenderness, warmth and comfort. 

We have been studying for many years all the features, advantages and disadvantages of various fillers to make the pillows and blankets soft and pleasant to the touch; to be warm even in severe thirty-degree frost in our down jackets. Hundreds of studies have been carried out from our product laboratories. And now we can confidently say that the natural goose down and feather material is a classic that rightfully does not lose its position. Among all the fillers, Siberian down and feather raw material has a special structure and allows you to keep warm even in cold weather. Therefore, our choice is only natural Siberian goose down and feather material. 

We are focused on Siberian goose down, which goes through deep processing. Only clean, natural down, thoroughly washed, anti-bacterial, goes to IST′OK’s products. 

We sew products with a special attitude to our customers, we help to create an atmosphere of comfort, warmth, harmony in every home, we also dress the whole family in comfortable, modern down jackets which keep you warm even at thirty-degree frost. 

Yes, we support the quality of our products. Therefore, we are not ready for compromise and will never replace the natural down with cheap synthetics. 

Today there are more than one hundred items in the range of our company, such as pillows, blankets, bedding, sleeping bags, spring down jackets and coats, winter down jackets, suits for rest, vests, etc. 

You can check our products on our website in the section "Product Catalog", for those who would like to feel actual are welcome to visit our retail stores. All the addresses and the schedules are indicated in the section "Contacts". 

If you are interested in the wholesale direction, please study terms the conditions in the section "Wholesalers". We work in order to give you cosiness, warmth and true comfort.